About Us

Two things you should know about us:
i) we know our standing desks; and
ii) we’ve been gaming for a really long time.

A desk fit for your gaming set up
We’re going to go out on a limb and assume that, if you’re looking at a site dedicated to sit-stand gaming desks, you’re probably a pretty serious gamer.

We’re also going to assume you’ve already got plenty of experience gaming on desks that feel flimsier than the plot of your average beat ‘em up. That’s something that’s frustrated us for years. You spend a fortune on your gaming set-up. Then you slap it all on a wobbly wafer of chipboard and pretend it’s all ok.

But it isn’t really, is it? That’s why we created NINJA. We make exceptional standing desks for exceptional gaming set-ups. And we create great value gaming desks that compromise on nothing except price. So whatever your budget, you get total sturdiness and a much, much better gaming experience.

Gamers for life
James in the NINJA warehouse says he's a casual gamer because he only does five hours a day(!). Mike in sales and the other Mike in marketing may not game anything like as much, but they make up for it in longevity. They were failing miserably at Football Manager when you could still put Jimmy Greaves up front (ask your dad).

Our point is this: we’re not furniture makers who decided on a whim to come up with a sit/stand gaming desk. We’re gaming desk makers because we know what it’s like to try to play FIFA, Forza or Fallout on a rickety gaming table. It’s rubbish, and we felt gamers deserved better.

NINJA is much, much better.

Doing good with games
Everyone deserves to escape into gaming every now and again. Some people deserve it just a little more. Take the Blesma E-Sports Team. Blesma is the limbless veterans’ charity. And we’re seriously proud to be able to say that for every NINJA desk you buy, we make a donation to the team.

Find out more about NINJA and Blesma...scroll on down to read more and click the link below to visit the Blesma website.

Buy a Ninja desk. Help an injured Veteran.

The gaming desk that does good
Every NINJA desk we sell is another donation to Blesma

Our gaming desks come with an extra power-up
When you buy a NINJA desk, we make a donation to Blesma, The Limbless Veterans Charity. So it’s not just your life that’s made more rewarding by a NINJA desk.

What does Blesma do?
Blesma is an Armed Forces charity dedicated to helping serving and ex-servicemen and women who have suffered life-changing injuries, lost limbs or the use of their limbs, eyes or their sight. Blesma supports these brave veterans in their communities throughout the UK. It’s a charity close to our heart, and we want to help.

Why do we support Blesma
1. Because we believe anyone who puts themselves in harms way on behalf of others deserves our thanks and support.
2. Because we know how much gaming matters to many ex-servicepeople. It’s why we designed our sit/stand gaming desks to go lower and raise higher – so they’re suitable for wheelchair users and for people who find sitting for long periods uncomfortable.
3. Because Blesma has launched its own E-sports team (The Blesma Legends) and they’re competing in charity tournaments now. If you’re a member, a member of staff or a supporter you can get involved too.

Help us help more injured Veterans
Explore all our NINJA gaming desks now. Whichever you choose, you’ll be helping to make a difference. Explore the range...click on the image on the right.