NINJA Guarantees

How long is your NINJA height adjustable gaming desk guaranteed for?

What does the guarantee cover?

And what happens if there’s a problem?


NINJA Guarantee


Is my NINJA standing gaming desk guaranteed (and what’s covered)?

Yes, every NINJA gaming desk is guaranteed, and every part of it is covered. The length of your guarantee varies by desk:
NINJA Desk 1 year guarantee     NINJA Desk 3 year guarantee    NINJA Desk 5 year guarantee     NINJA Desk 7 year guarantee  NINJA Desk 10 year guarantee


Desktop (yrs)

Frame & motor (yrs)




NINJA Competition



NINJA Championship



NINJA Professional



NINJA Professional Extreme



NINJA Conqueror




What happens if there’s a problem with my gaming desk?

We’ll always sort the problem, and we’ll always aim to sort it fast. Here’s how:

  1. Get in touch by phone or live chat. If all that’s needed is a simple reboot of the control panel (which covers most of our calls) or, er, switching your desk on at the wall (you’d be surprised) we’ll have you sorted in minutes.
  2. Problem still not solved? We’ll ask you to send us a quick video so we can see what the issue is. Then we’ll send you a replacement part. Don’t worry, switching out parts is really easy. We’ll collect the faulty component when you’re ready.
  3. Our gaming desks hardly ever develop problems. Of the ones that do, most can be sorted simply and quickly. But if yours is the one-in-a-very-large-number that can’t be fixed easily, we’ll sort it. And we promise we won’t take ages to do it, even if it means sending you a whole new desk.

    How quickly will you sort the problem?

    We sort most issues over phone or live chat in minutes. For anything else, tell us about it before 2pm and we’ll have a replacement part on its way to you same day. It should be with you tomorrow.

    Will you fix my desk for me?

    If we installed your desk, yes. If you assembled it yourself, you’ll already know how easy it is to assemble. We’ll send you the part for a DIY fix, but we’re always here if you need a bit of help.

    What happens if my gaming desk is damaged when it arrives?

      1. Just take a minute to double check the contents of your box. Our packaging can withstand serious damage before the desk is affected, so you may well find your desk is dandy even though the box is bashed.
      2. Something damaged or missing? Give us a call and we’ll send a replacement. All we’ll ask is that you send us a photo of the damage, just so we have the evidence to send the heavies round to our shipping partners.

      Get in touch

      Give us a call or tap live chat. We’ll be with you asap.