24/7 NINJA Support

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Gamers. They’re no strangers to loooong nights. Neither are we.

Genuinely 24/7

It’s 3am. There’s a lull in the game, the sort you get when you set yourself up as a sniper in Call of Duty only to find all the action happens somewhere else. You start browsing our height adjustable gaming desks. But you have a question.

Fortunately, we’re still here (well, some of us are). So ask away.

Now with real humans

Chatbots may be very clever, but they also make us want to Hulk-smash the living daylights out of them. That’s why, when you call us or use the live chat, you’ll always speak to a real, live person.

Seriously supportive

Call us anytime and we’ll answer your call fast. Sometimes it might take us a few minutes. But it’ll never be longer than that. Better still, the people you speak to should actually be able to help.

So whether it’s a tech question, a spec question or a ‘should my desk be doing this?’ question, we should be able to help there and then.

And if we can’t, we promise we’ll call you back and get things sorted.

Game over for problems

You won’t get many problems with a NINJA sit/stand gaming desk. But when you do, you might be surprised to know that we can solve about 90% of them over the phone or via live chat. Put us to the test.   

Get in touch

Give us a call or tap the live chat. We’ll be with you asap.