NINJA: Europe’s No 1 Gaming Desk?

NINJA Professional standing gaming desk loaded and lit with LEDs

We’ve not done a poll (yet). But we’re convinced that no other height adjustable gaming desk is this solid. This stable. This carefully crafted. Or this well reviewed. Discover the gaming desk you’ve been waiting for.

Rock steady is just the start

With our NINJA Professional and Conqueror desks, we reckon we’ve created a gaming desk sturdier than anything else you’ll find in Europe. That matters, because wobble is the enemy of the bullseye shot, the pinpoint free kick or the precision jump. 

But it’s not just sturdiness that counts. NINJA desks are among the fastest and quietest to rise and lower. They’ll withstand the heaviest loads. They have one of the largest height ranges, making them suitable for more people who don’t happen to be a ‘standard’ height. They are, without exception, exceptional.

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Technically brilliant

Permit us a moment to get nerdy. The NINJA Conqueror, NINJA Professional and NINJA Professional Extreme combine a rigid underframe with a thicker desktop containing pre-drilled meta inserts to create an unbeatably sturdy gaming experience. Then we add bolts and screws thicker than almost anyone else’s. Finally, just to get really obsessive about it, we custom machine each insert for the leg it supports, so the tolerances are as tight as they can possibly be while still allowing the desk to glide up and down.

The result? A gaming desk so sturdy that the only way to make it wobble is to put it on a bouncy castle.

Astonishingly well reviewed

The NINJA Desk is brand new, so it’s not as if we have hundreds of 5* reviews for you to browse. But actually, that’s not quite true.

Our NINJA Conqueror, NINJA Professional and NINJA Professional Extreme are gaming versions of standing desks created by our parent company FRISKA. Check out reviews for FRISKA’s Stockholm desks and you’ll be seeing reviews for what is, effectively, a premium NINJA desk without the gaming extras like scalloped edging and LED lighting.

At time of writing and after hundreds of reviews, about 98.7% of them were 5 star.

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More desktop choice than anyone else

Once upon a time there was a gamer who decided that they didn’t want a black gaming desk. This came as a shock to their friends, who wondered if they were feeling alright. But the gamer insisted. Black, they said, was so yesterday. They wanted colour and loads of it.

But gaming desk manufacturers are a black and, er, grey sort of bunch. Except for us. We do colour. We do any colour. And if you want a bespoke, one-of-a-kind desktop in a colour no one else has, we can do it in less than 4 weeks.

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