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1. What's the Best Gaming Desk on a Budget?

You want sturdy. You want rock solid. You want as much gaming desk awesomeness as it’s possible to squeeze into a modestly priced package. And if it’s not too much to ask, you’d like it tomorrow please.

Say hello to the Ninja Club and Ninja Competition height adjustable gaming desks.

There’s a certain class of gamer who will happily spend more on a graphics card than they will on their first car. They have a monitor setup so vast you could see it from another galaxy. If their chair was any more top of the range it would hover.

It’s not that they’re a better or more serious gamer than you are. In Fortnite, you’d back yourself to take them down with the Common Burst Assault Rifle, even though it’s rubbish. In FIFA, they could field a team of Messis and you’d still hammer them playing as Burton Albion.

The difference between you and them? They have very deep pockets while you have to live in the real world like the rest of us. But you still want a gaming desk that’s got, well, game. It can’t be flimsy. It can’t be lightweight. It can’t be, in any sense of the word, small. But it does need to come with a sensible price tag.

Funnily enough, we know just the desks for you.

Introducing the Ninja Club and the Ninja Competition Gaming Desks We know. You wait ages for a serious quality gaming desk to arrive at a budget price and then two turn up at once.

The Ninja Club is our lowest priced height adjustable desk. If you’re the observant type, you’ll notice our SEO people called it an “entry level sit stand gaming desk” in the meta title, which is technically true, but only if ‘entry level’ also means ‘pretty damn good’.

Sitting next to the Club and standing just a little taller is the Ninja Competition. Price isn’t the only thing that’s different about these two desks, but before we explore how else they differ, it’s probably best to explore the numerous ways in which they’re similar.

Comparing the Ninja Club and Competition Gaming Desks – the Similarities Both our height adjustable gaming desks come with ten year warranties on the desktop, with a three year (Ninja Club) and five-year (Ninja Competition) warranty on everything else - good to know when so many other desks in this price bracket come with just a year or two.

Both desks have a 4-way memory controller to bring them back to a preset height easily (so you don’t have to take your attention away from the game to shift from sitting to standing). Both are sustainably manufactured, with the desktops made from UK grown and FSC-certified timber. To make things even more eco-friendly, buy either desk and we’ll plant ten trees to more than offset the carbon in our manufacturing and shipping.

Both desks are dispatched same day, so if you’re anywhere on the UK mainland and order before 2pm, it should arrive the next working day. Both desktops are available in two colour choices – gamer favourites black and graphite. Both come with loooads of customisable options, from a CPU cradle to monitor arms to cable port holes and power lead. And both let you split the cost into three, for free, thanks to those nice people at Klarna.

Comparing the Ninja Club and Competition Gaming Desks – the Most Important Similarity If you’ve never enjoyed the experience of gaming at a sit stand desk before, you won’t yet know the most important factor of all in making the right choice. If you want a gaming desk that really performs, you want a desk that doesn’t wobble.

Wobble is to gaming desks what Bowser is to Mario (yes, we know it’s not a PC gaming reference but let’s be inclusive).

You won’t get wobble when you’re sitting. But extend those legs to the full height and then try playing anything that involves a joystick, steering wheel or even just some serious keyboard hammering and you’ll separate the high quality, low cost gaming desks from the just plain cheap.

Wobble is caused by all sorts of details. It’s the load capacity. It’s the quality of the steel in the subframe. It’s the beefiness of the screws and bolts that hold your desk together. It’s the number of fix points between desktop and frame. Get them all right and the result is a desk more grounded than a Zen master in a really heavy hat.

Get any of them even slightly out and your gaming will forever feel as though your monitor arms are made of Play-Doh.

Both the Club and Competition not only deliver what we believe is best in class sturdiness in their price range. There are lots of far more expensive gaming desks that can’t offer the same levels of rock solid gameplay.

Comparing the Ninja Club and Competition Gaming Desks – the Differences The headline difference is that the Ninja Club has a single motor to lift and lower the desktop while the Competition has two. The single motor doesn’t stop the Club from being a classy piece of kit, especially in its price bracket, but that extra motor in the Competition can make a difference.

Speed The Competition’s dual motors raise and lower the desktop 7mm per second faster than the Club. The Club’s not exactly a sloth, but if you want your desk to deliver a little extra zip as you sit and stand, go with the Competition.

Noise We’re rather proud of the fact that our gaming desks are impressively quiet. Then a few gamers pointed out that, with headphones on and the volume cranked up, the desk could sound like a steam train and they’d never hear it. So let’s put it this way: the Ninja Club is quiet. The Ninja Competition is quieter still. And even if that doesn’t matter a great deal to you, the people you live with might thank you for it.

Load This is a biggie. With the load shared between two motors, the Competition can bear a load of 100kg (including the desktop). The Club comes in at a slightly lower 80kg. For most gamers, the Club should do the job perfectly well. But if you’re running lots of hefty monitors (a standard flat monitor can come in close to 10kg and if you’re running the latest curved screen 4k beast you can probably double that) you might want to consider the Competition on load capacity alone.

Height Two motors mean the Ninja Competition standing desk has the clout to manage three extending masts while the Club uses two. That means you’ll be able to sit lower and stand higher with the Competition (see the table below for details).

If you need a few extra mm at either end of the range to game in comfort, the Competition may be your better bet.

Specs At A Glance Let’s do a quick spec summary:

Ninja Club Ninja Competition Height range (to working surface) 740-1220mm 645-1295mm Maximum load 80kg 100kg Motors 1 2 Noise 50dB 45dB Speed 25mps 32mps Anti-collision Yes Yes Desktop colour options 2 2 Warranty 3/10 years 5/10 years USB as standard No Yes Memory controls as standard Yes Yes

Comparing the Ninja Club and Competition Gaming Desks – Which Is Right for You?

In truth, there’s not much in it. That’s why we tend to suggest that everyone looking for a good quality, solid, height adjustable gaming desk starts with the Ninja Club and then considers whether they will need:

A greater height range A higher load capacity to cope with the kit you have or expect to get A quicker (and quieter) raising and lowering of the desk If the answer to any of those is yes, switch your attention to the Competition. But whichever gaming desk you choose, you’ll get the some of the most rock solid gaming around, especially for the price.

Still unsure which is the better option for you? Give us a call and let’s chat about it.
We’ve not done a poll (yet). But we’re convinced that no other height adjustable gaming desk is this solid. This stable. This carefully crafted. Or this well reviewed. Discover the gaming desk you’ve been waiting for.

Rock steady is just the start

With our NINJA Professional and Conqueror desks, we reckon we’ve created a gaming desk sturdier than anything else you’ll find in Europe. That matters, because wobble is the enemy of the bullseye shot, the pinpoint free kick or the precision jump.

But it’s not just sturdiness that counts. NINJA desks are among the fastest and quietest to rise and lower. They’ll withstand the heaviest loads. They have one of the largest height ranges, making them suitable for more people who don’t happen to be a ‘standard’ height. They are, without exception, exceptional.

Technically brilliant

Permit us a moment to get nerdy. The NINJA Conqueror, NINJA Professional and NINJA Professional Extreme combine a rigid underframe with a thicker desktop containing pre-drilled meta inserts to create an unbeatably sturdy gaming experience. Then we add bolts and screws thicker than almost anyone else’s. Finally, just to get really obsessive about it, we custom machine each insert for the leg it supports, so the tolerances are as tight as they can possibly be while still allowing the desk to glide up and down.

The result? A gaming desk so sturdy that the only way to make it wobble is to put it on a bouncy castle.

Astonishingly well reviewed

The NINJA Desk is brand new, so it’s not as if we have hundreds of 5* reviews for you to browse. But actually, that’s not quite true.

Our NINJA Conqueror, NINJA Professional and NINJA Professional Extreme are gaming versions of standing desks created by our parent company FRISKA. Check out reviews for FRISKA’s Stockholm desks and you’ll be seeing reviews for what is, effectively, a premium NINJA desk without the gaming extras like scalloped edging and LED lighting.

At time of writing and after hundreds of reviews, about 98.7% of them were 5 star.

More desktop choice than anyone else

Once upon a time there was a gamer who decided that they didn’t want a black gaming desk. This came as a shock to their friends, who wondered if they were feeling alright. But the gamer insisted. Black, they said, was so yesterday. They wanted colour and loads of it.

But gaming desk manufacturers are a black and, er, grey sort of bunch. Except for us. We do colour. We do any colour. And if you want a bespoke, one-of-a-kind desktop in a colour no one else has, we can do it in less than 4 weeks.

Get in touch

Give us a call or tap the live chat. We’ll be with you asap.
How Good Can A Gaming Desk Get?

Extreme gaming needs an extreme gaming desk. So may we present what we believe is the best gaming desk the world has ever seen.

Your CPU runs so fast the lights dim when you switch it on. Your graphics card cost more than the GDP of Bolivia. Your gaming chair is a thing of beauty that has been known to make experienced gamers weep with joy. But what about the desk?

It’s often the last part of the puzzle, but it’s a vital one. Use any old desk and how do you know it can safely take the weight of all your kit? How do you know it won’t wobble under pressure, distracting you at a critical in-game moment? And, however good your gaming experience is right now, how much better could it be when you pay the same attention to your gaming desk as you do to every other part of your set-up?

So let’s get to know what we believe is the very best gaming desk out there: the Ninja Professional Extreme.

What makes the Ninja Professional Extreme gaming desk so good?

Stand out. Stand up

The Ninja Professional Extreme is a sit/stand desk. You don’t have to use it as a standing desk – it’s as good when seated as it is when standing – but here’s why you probably should mix up your posture a little more than you do currently.

If you’re in the market for a gaming desk, you probably spend a lot of time gaming. You don’t need us to tell you that’s not great for your posture – that’s what your parents/partner are for. It’s true though, and if you have plans on gaming for the rest of your life you might want to do something to make sure that, in a few years’ time, you still can, free from aches and pains.

But did you know changing your position can actually improve your gameplay?

Standing up gives your body a bit of a refresh, improving blood circulation and boosting focus and concentration. As this study found, standing can even make you a better thinker, and that brings obvious benefits for in-game performance. Of course, your game performance only benefits if you can switch between sitting and standing without losing focus on the game.

Happily, thanks to its dual motors, the Extreme raises and lowers in such a smooth, swift and near-noiseless way that it won’t take you out of the game. And with a memory switch as a standard feature of the inlay controls, you’ll find bringing the desk back to your preferred height is less fiddly, so you don’t lose game time.

Huuuuge loads

You’ve probably never weighed your gaming kit. But let’s assume you’re running a beast of a CPU connected to a hefty 4K screen or three. Add in a controller, keyboard, headset, cables and the rest and the weight really starts to add up.

A single gaming monitor could easily clock in at 10kg. “Ah,” you might say, “but my CPU’s on the floor,” (which it shouldn’t be, but we’ll get to that in a minute) but even without that, you need a gaming desk with heft. After all, even a puny desk could make one hell of a mess of your monitors and CPU if it were to collapse.

The Ninja Professional Extreme has a load capacity of 160kg. That’s roughly equivalent to the weight of an average sized donkey. Or a panda. Although just to be clear, we’re not suggesting you go out and get one of those.

Rock solid gaming

Being robust enough to carry the weight of a chunky mammal is only valuable if the desk stays rock solid under that weight. Here’s where lots of sit/stand gaming desks struggle. Because when the desk’s legs extend and you’re stood at the screen, the slightest wobble or vibration can mean you miss the shot, punch, goal or target.

The Ninja Professional Extreme is the most solid, wobble-free standing gaming desk on the market. We won’t bore you with all the details of how we’ve engineered it that way, but let’s just say that it would take an earthquake to get this desk rocking.

PC protection

Lots of gamers like to have the CPU on the desk (another reason to choose a gaming desk with a higher load capacity). But lots don’t. They put it under the desk, often on the carpet. That’s not a great move for a number of reasons.

Static build up caused by walking on the carpet can affect PC performance. You don’t want to fry your CPU because you happened to wear the wrong socks. Floor level is where most dust builds up in a room, and that means more dust can be sucked into your PC, increasing the risk of breakdown. Some PC vents sit beneath or low down the case. Putting the PC on a carpet can block or impede the flow of air. That will put extra pressure on the fan motor and burn it out quicker. Happily, the Extreme has got you covered with an optional CPU cradle that lets you stash the tower underneath the desktop but off the floor, helping to extend the life of your set-up.

Built to last

The Extreme has a 10 year guarantee. On everything. Not even you come with a 10 year guarantee.

Styled to impress

This is a desk to game at. But it’s also a game to show off with. If you really want to inspire envy in everyone around you – including everyone who watches your Twitch or YouTube channels - do it from a desk with more style than Zendaya’s wardrobe:

Under-desk LED lighting programmable by control unit or phone app Scalloped, sculpted edges and cable access points for a super sleek profile Two frame colour options (anthracite grey or black) Subtle desk-inlaid controls you’ll find almost nowhere else A chunky 25mm thick monolith of a desktop in uber-black (most competitors are just 18mm). And – in case you want to switch things up and get a gaming desk literally no-one else has – choose virtually any colour desktop you like with our bespoke service. Just ask. Doing good through gaming

Choose a Ninja Professional Extreme desk and it’s not just your gaming that gets a boost. Every frame is Swedish made. Every desktop is cut from FSC certified forests in the UK. It means the carbon footprint of your gaming desk is a fraction of the Far Eastern one you’ve been comparing it with.

Plus, when you buy a Ninja desk, we make a donation to BLESMA, the charity for limbless servicepeople, who have an E-sports team all of their own. It’s a cause close to our hearts.

The great escape

What is gaming if not an escape? It’s about immersion. About losing yourself. That’s why you’ve invested so much in your setup, because from screen to chair to headset, immersion only works as long as there’s nothing that takes you out of the moment.

That’s the power of a sit/stand gaming desk. That’s the power of the Ninja Professional Extreme. Discover it for yourself.
To really lose yourself in the game, wraparound screens need to sit on a wraparound gaming desk. So say hello to the mightiest sit stand desk of them all. No wonder we called it the Conqueror.

Not so long ago, we were having a chat with a gamer who was looking for the ultimate gaming desk to match the rest of his setup. He ran a four(!) screen system and enjoyed taking off and landing from the world’s most obscure runways in Microsoft Flight Simulator (hello McMurdo Station, Antarctica).

His old desk was sitting only and he’d reached a point where, after sitting at a desk in the office all day, he wanted the flexibility to stand while he gamed. With a bit of a flourish, we proudly showed him the Ninja Professional Extreme. High load. Ultra-rock solid even at full height (about which we’ll say more shortly). Whisper quiet and, frankly, gorgeous.

“It’s a lovely desk…” he said. We sensed there was a ‘but’. We were right.

He told us about his set up when he’s playing Microsoft Flight Sim and Forza (another of his favourites, although he’d had to alter a config file to get it to work across his screens). When he looked left and right out of the window, he said, he wanted to really look left and right out of the ‘window’.

What he needed was a corner desk that would give him the space he needed to configure his screens in a way that gave him total immersion in the game.

Which got us thinking.

Meet the Ninja Conqueror Height Adjustable Gaming Desk

The Ninja Conqueror – For total immersion

The beauty of a corner desk is it’s so much easier to create that immersive feel, even if you’re only working with flat screens. Add the latest curved screens to the mix and, after you’ve sold a kidney to pay for them, there’s a chance you might lose yourself in the game and never come back.

We’ve seen Red Dead Redemption 2 operating on a couple of mammoth curved screens sat atop the Conqueror on a PC running a top end graphics card. You wouldn’t often describe a gaming experience as beautiful and emotional but that genuinely was.

Of course, you can get immersive running multiple monitors on a ‘regular’ shaped desk. But if you have the space and want the ultimate experience, the Conqueror delivers it.

The Ninja Conqueror - It’s a sit/stand desk

Do you really need a height adjustable gaming desk? It’s a question few gamers ask themselves, not least because sitting is the only way they’ve ever experienced games.

But as with our Flight Simulator-playing customer, when you’ve been sat all day at work, the option to mix it up – to sit and relax or to stand, stretch and give your body a bit of a break, is really valuable.

It is, however, important that the shift from sitting to standing and back is seamless. You don’t want to lose that immersive feeling as your desk cranks up to full height with all the groan and clunk of an arthritic hip. That’s why the Conqueror has triple motors that takes the desk from sitting to standing faster and smoother than virtually any other desk on the market. It is, for example, almost twice as fast as Flexispot’s Electric Gaming Desk. It’s whisper quiet too.

And if you’re as old as we are, you’ll remember a time when the only option for gamers was to stand at the arcade console and bash buttons, so some standing gaming every now and again is a pleasingly retro way to play.

The Ninja Conqueror - It’s a beast

Chances are your average flat screen gaming monitor will weigh around 10kg. Opt for a top of the range curved screen (we’re using the Samsung Odyssey G95T as our benchmark) and you can just about double that. Add an extra screen and you can double it again.

Whether you’re running four flat screens or two curved ones, it wouldn’t take much to top 40kg in monitor weight alone. And that’s before you’ve added your CPU, keyboard, mouse and other gizmos.

We’re hardly comparing like with like, but consider that the IKEA Uppspel has a maximum load of 70kg. By the time you’ve loaded it up with your kit, it would only take a chunky coffee mug to set it groaning. Other gaming desks – like the Flexispot Gaming Desk, don’t even say what the maximum load is. And you probably don’t want to be adding several thousand pounds worth of kit to a desk that you just have to hope can take it.

The Conqueror has a maximum load of 160kg. Even if you’re running the sort of monitor setup you’d expect to see in an air traffic control tower, you could double it and the desk still wouldn’t whimper.

The Ninja Conqueror - It’s rock solid

The Conqueror is a height adjustable desk for gamers with lots of kit. But here’s the thing: the ability to manage a heavy load is only one half of the equation. Because when you’re stood at your gaming desk with the legs extended to full height, you need to know that it will stand strong, stable and still no matter what you throw at it.

To be clear, we’re not suggesting any sit/stand gaming desk worth its salt is likely to rock and roll like it’s on the deck of a ship. But many standing desks deliver just a little off-putting wobble even under regular, office-based keyboard use. Add a joystick to the mix and things can get a bit messy.

But not with the Conqueror which, even as your flip and roll your starfighter, will stay (literally) unmoved. It’s all down to legs engineered to the tightest tolerances and a frame with more fixing points than virtually any other desk. The result is the most wobble-free gaming experience available.

The Ninja Conqueror - It’s guaranteed to last

You get a 10 year guarantee with the Conqueror. On everything. So long after your PC has been upgraded and your current monitors have gone to the great recycling skip in the sky, the Conqueror will still be there. There’s half a chance it’ll still be there as the sun burns out.

The Ninja Conqueror – A gaming desk no one else has

Let’s just put this out there – we think our Ninjas are the finest looking gaming desks the world has ever seen. The Conqueror has LED lighting programmable by control unit or phone app. Three frame colours and three desktop colours with two additional edging options give you loads of customisation options for your gaming desk design. But what if, and just think about this for a second, you didn’t want black or grey?

Yes, we know, it’s virtual heresy, but like Model Ts, vinyl records and, er, widow spiders, gaming desks don’t always have to be black.

So how about a gaming desktop in a vast range of colour options, bespoke crafted in 3-4 weeks?

That not only gives you the mightiest, sturdiest, most stylish gaming desk on the market for the ultimate in gaming immersion. It gives you a desk no other gamer has.