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What’s the Best Desk for Total Gaming Immersion?

To really lose yourself in the game, wraparound screens need to sit on a wraparound gaming desk. So say hello to the mightiest sit stand desk of them all. No wonder we called it the Conqueror.

Not very long ago, we were having a chat with a gamer who was looking for the ultimate gaming desk to match the rest of his setup. He ran a four(!) screen system and enjoyed taking off and landing from the world’s most obscure runways in Microsoft Flight Simulator (hello McMurdo Station, Antarctica).

His old desk was sitting only and he’d reached a point where, after sitting at a desk in the office all day, he wanted the flexibility to stand while he gamed. With a bit of a flourish, we proudly showed him the Ninja Professional Extreme. High load. Ultra-rock solid even at full height (about which we’ll say more shortly). Whisper quiet and, frankly, gorgeous.

“It’s a lovely desk…” he said. We sensed there was a ‘but’. We were right.

He told us about his set up when he’s playing Microsoft Flight Sim and Forza (another of his favourites, although he’d had to alter a config file to get it to work across his screens). When he looked left and right out of the window, he said, he wanted to really look left and right out of the ‘window’.

What he needed was a corner desk that would give him the space he needed to configure his screens in a way that gave him total immersion in the game.

Which got us thinking.

Meet the Ninja Conqueror Height Adjustable Gaming Desk

The Ninja Conqueror – For total immersion

The beauty of a corner desk is it’s so much easier to create that immersive feel, even if you’re only working with flat screens. Add the latest curved screens to the mix and, after you’ve sold a kidney to pay for them, there’s a chance you might lose yourself in the game and never come back.

We’ve seen Red Dead Redemption 2 operating on a couple of mammoth curved screens sat atop the Conqueror on a PC running a top end graphics card. You wouldn’t often describe a gaming experience as beautiful and emotional but that genuinely was.

Of course, you can get immersive running multiple monitors on a ‘regular’ shaped desk. But if you have the space and want the ultimate experience, the Conqueror delivers it.  

The Ninja Conqueror - It’s a sit/stand desk

Do you really need a height adjustable gaming desk? It’s a question few gamers ask themselves, not least because sitting is the only way they’ve ever experienced games.

But as with our Flight Simulator-playing customer, when you’ve been sat all day at work, the option to mix it up – to sit and relax or to stand, stretch and give your body a bit of a break, is really valuable.

It is, however, important that the shift from sitting to standing and back is seamless. You don’t want to lose that immersive feeling as your desk cranks up to full height with all the groan and clunk of an arthritic hip. That’s why the Conqueror has triple motors that takes the desk from sitting to standing faster and smoother than virtually any other desk on the market. It is, for example, almost twice as fast as Flexispot’s Electric Gaming Desk. It’s whisper quiet too.

And if you’re as old as we are, you’ll remember a time when the only option for gamers was to stand at the arcade console and bash buttons, so some standing gaming every now and again is a pleasingly retro way to play.  

The Ninja Conqueror - It’s a beast

Chances are your average flat screen gaming monitor will weigh around 10kg. Opt for a top of the range curved screen (we’re using the Samsung Odyssey G95T as our benchmark) and you can just about double that. Add an extra screen and you can double it again.

Whether you’re running four flat screens or two curved ones, it wouldn’t take much to top 40kg in monitor weight alone. And that’s before you’ve added your CPU, keyboard, mouse and other gizmos.

We’re hardly comparing like with like, but consider that the IKEA Uppspel has a maximum load of 70kg. By the time you’ve loaded it up with your kit, it would only take a chunky coffee mug to set it groaning. Other gaming desks – like the Flexispot Gaming Desk, don’t even say what the maximum load is. And you probably don’t want to be adding several thousand pounds worth of kit to a desk that you just have to hope can take it.

The Conqueror has a maximum load of 160kg. Even if you’re running the sort of monitor setup you’d expect to see in an air traffic control tower, you could double it and the desk still wouldn’t whimper.

The Ninja Conqueror - It’s rock solid

The Conqueror is a height adjustable desk for gamers with lots of kit. But here’s the thing: the ability to manage a heavy load is only one half of the equation. Because when you’re stood at your gaming desk with the legs extended to full height, you need to know that it will stand strong, stable and still no matter what you throw at it.

To be clear, we’re not suggesting any sit/stand gaming desk worth its salt is likely to rock and roll like it’s on the deck of a ship. But many standing desks deliver just a little off-putting wobble even under regular, office-based keyboard use. Add a joystick to the mix and things can get a bit messy.

But not with the Conqueror which, even as your flip and roll your starfighter, will stay (literally) unmoved. It’s all down to legs engineered to the tightest tolerances and a frame with more fixing points than virtually any other desk. The result is the most wobble-free gaming experience available.

The Ninja Conqueror - It’s guaranteed to last

You get a 10 year guarantee with the Conqueror. On everything. So long after your PC has been upgraded and your current monitors have gone to the great recycling skip in the sky, the Conqueror will still be there. There’s half a chance it’ll still be there as the sun burns out.

A gaming desk no one else has

Let’s just put this out there – we think our Ninjas are the finest looking gaming desks the world has ever seen. The Conqueror has LED lighting programmable by control unit or phone app. Three frame colours and three desktop colours with two additional edging options give you loads of customisation options for your gaming desk design. But what if, and just think about this for a second, you didn’t want black or grey?

Yes, we know, it’s virtual heresy, but like Model Ts, vinyl records and, er, widow spiders, gaming desks don’t always have to be black.

So how about a gaming desktop in a vast range of colour options, bespoke crafted in 3-4 weeks?

That not only gives you the mightiest, sturdiest, most stylish gaming desk on the market for the ultimate in gaming immersion. It gives you a desk no other gamer has.

Discover it here.

NINJA Conqueror immersive L-shaped standing gaming desk