US Shipping

If you live in the USA read on!

We can currently only ship to USA from UK and our cheapest delivery partner for this is TNT but the cost of nearly £500 for this is our actual cost and we realise that this is likely to be a barrier to you placing your order.

Our long term plan is to set up shipping operations from within the USA, giving you the ability to purchase in dollars and either low cost or free shipping.

This is a huge undertaking for us and is taking substantial time to prepare properly for it, and in order to help us gauge potential volumes, we would seriously appreciate your help!

Please pop your email address into the form below as a means of registering your interest without obligation, and once we're up and running in USA, we'll get in touch. We would also really appreciate it if you could put your details in if you would have completed checkout with low or free shipping, just so we can get a handle on the likely numbers we're currently missing out on!

Be assured that we won't pester you to buy just because you've put your details down!

A huge thanks in advance for your help.

The NINJA Team


Pop your email address down to register possible interest in accessing NINJA products in America