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The gaming desk that does good... £10 from the sale of every desk will be donated to Blesma, the limbless veterans - registered charity 1084189.

Blesma members at EGX Expo | NINJA Desk


Our gaming desks come with an extra power-up

When you buy a NINJA desk, we make a donation to Blesma, The Limbless Veterans Charity (Registered Charity: 1084189 SC010315). So it’s not just your life that’s made more rewarding by a NINJA desk.

What does Blesma do?

Blesma is an Armed Forces charity dedicated to helping serving and ex-servicemen and women  who have suffered life-changing injuries, lost limbs or the use of their limbs, eyes or their sight. Blesma  supports these brave veterans in their communities throughout the UK. It’s a charity close to our heart, and we want to help.

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Why do we support Blesma

  1. Because we believe anyone who puts themselves in harms’ way on behalf of others deserves our thanks and support.
  2. Because we know how much gaming matters to many ex-servicepeople. It’s why we designed our sit/stand gaming desks to go lower and raise higher – so they’re suitable for wheelchair users and for people who find sitting for long periods uncomfortable.
  3. Because Blesma has launched its own E-sports team (The Blesma Legends) and they’re competing in charity tournaments now. If you’re a member, a member of staff or a supporter you can get involved too.

Help us support more injured Veterans. Explore all our NINJA gaming desks now. Whichever you choose, you’ll be helping to make a difference.

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