The World's Best Standing Gaming Desk - Just Got Better!

How Good Can A Gaming Desk Get?

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Extreme gaming needs an extreme gaming desk. So may we present what we believe is the best gaming desk the world has ever seen.

Your CPU runs so fast the lights dim when you switch it on. Your graphics card cost more than the GDP of Bolivia. Your gaming chair is a thing of beauty that has been known to make experienced gamers weep with joy. But what about the desk?

It’s often the last part of the puzzle, but it’s a vital one. Use any old desk and how do you know it can safely take the weight of all your kit? How do you know it won’t wobble under pressure, distracting you at a critical in-game moment? And, however good your gaming experience is right now, how much better could it be when you pay the same attention to your gaming desk as you do to every other part of your set-up?

So let’s get to know what we believe is the very best gaming desk out there: the Ninja Professional Extreme.

What makes the Ninja Professional Extreme gaming desk so good?

Stand out. Stand up

The Ninja Professional Extreme is a sit/stand desk. You don’t have to use it as a standing desk – it’s as good when seated as it is when standing – but here’s why you probably should mix up your posture a little more than you do currently.

If you’re in the market for a gaming desk, you probably spend a lot of time gaming. You don’t need us to tell you that’s not great for your posture – that’s what your parents/partner are for. It’s true though, and if you have plans on gaming for the rest of your life you might want to do something to make sure that, in a few years’ time, you still can, free from aches and pains.

But did you know changing your position can actually improve your gameplay?

Standing up gives your body a bit of a refresh, improving blood circulation and boosting focus and concentration.  As this study found, standing can even make you a better thinker, and that brings obvious benefits for in-game performance. Of course, your game performance only benefits if you can switch between sitting and standing without losing focus on the game.

Happily, thanks to its dual motors, the Extreme raises and lowers in such a smooth, swift and near-noiseless way that it won’t take you out of the game. And with a memory switch as a standard feature of the inlay controls, you’ll find bringing the desk back to your preferred height is less fiddly, so you don’t lose game time.   

Huuuuge loads

You’ve probably never weighed your gaming kit. But let’s assume you’re running a beast of a CPU connected to a hefty 4K screen or three. Add in a controller, keyboard, headset, cables and the rest and the weight really starts to add up.

A single gaming monitor could easily clock in at 10kg. “Ah,” you might say, “but my CPU’s on the floor,” (which it shouldn’t be, but we’ll get to that in a minute) but even without that, you need a gaming desk with heft. After all, even a puny desk could make one hell of a mess of your monitors and CPU if it were to collapse.

The Ninja Professional Extreme has a load capacity of 160kg. That’s roughly equivalent to the weight of an average sized donkey. Or a panda. Although just to be clear, we’re not suggesting you go out and get one of those.  

Rock solid gaming

Being robust enough to carry the weight of a chunky mammal is only valuable if the desk stays rock solid under that weight. Here’s where lots of sit/stand gaming desks struggle. Because when the desk’s legs extend and you’re stood at the screen, the slightest wobble or vibration can mean you miss the shot, punch, goal or target.

The Ninja Professional Extreme is the most solid, wobble-free standing gaming desk on the market. We won’t bore you with all the details of how we’ve engineered it that way, but let’s just say that it would take an earthquake to get this desk rocking.

PC protection

Lots of gamers like to have the CPU on the desk (another reason to choose a gaming desk with a higher load capacity). But lots don’t. They put it under the desk, often on the carpet. That’s not a great move for a number of reasons.

  • Static build up caused by walking on the carpet can affect PC performance. You don’t want to fry your CPU because you happened to wear the wrong socks.
  • Floor level is where most dust builds up in a room, and that means more dust can be sucked into your PC, increasing the risk of breakdown.
  • Some PC vents sit beneath or low down the case. Putting the PC on a carpet can block or impede the flow of air. That will put extra pressure on the fan motor and burn it out quicker.

Happily, the Extreme has got you covered with an optional CPU cradle that lets you stash the tower underneath the desktop but off the floor, helping to extend the life of your set-up.

Built to last

The Extreme has a 10 year guarantee. On everything. Not even you come with a 10 year guarantee.

Styled to impress

This is a desk to game at. But it’s also a game to show off with. If you really want to inspire envy in everyone around you – including everyone who watches your Twitch or YouTube channels - do it from a desk with more style than Zendaya’s wardrobe:

  • Under-desk LED lighting programmable by control unit or phone app
  • Scalloped, sculpted edges and cable access points for a super sleek profile
  • Two frame colour options (anthracite grey or black)
  • Subtle desk-inlaid controls you’ll find almost nowhere else
  • A chunky 25mm thick monolith of a desktop in uber-black (most competitors are just 18mm). And – in case you want to switch things up and get a gaming desk literally no-one else has – choose virtually any colour desktop you like with our bespoke service. Just ask.  

Doing good through gaming

Choose a Ninja Professional Extreme desk and it’s not just your gaming that gets a boost. Every frame is Swedish made. Every desktop is cut from FSC certified forests in the UK. It means the carbon footprint of your gaming desk is a fraction of the Far Eastern one you’ve been comparing it with.

Plus, when you buy a Ninja desk, we make a donation to BLESMA, the charity for limbless servicepeople, who have an E-sports team all of their own. It’s a cause close to our hearts.

The great escape

What is gaming if not an escape? It’s about immersion. About losing yourself. That’s why you’ve invested so much in your setup, because from screen to chair to headset, immersion only works as long as there’s nothing that takes you out of the moment.

That’s the power of a sit/stand gaming desk. That’s the power of the Ninja Professional Extreme. Discover it for yourself.

NINJA Professional Extreme standing gaming desk